The subcommittees of the Trustee Board and Council advise the Trustee Board on specific areas of COPE's operations. Each subcommittee consists of a Chair (ordinarily a Trustee), usually at least four other Council members and, ex-officio, an Officer and the Executive Officer.  Additional individuals may be recruited as needed to complete specific tasks. 

The Trustee Board has delegated authority to the subcommittees to implement their objectives.  Its decisions are reported to the Trustee Board for ratification.  


1. Enhance the educational offerings of COPE to address the needs of the members
2. Enhance educational options for all levels of members and others involved in publication ethics
3. Establish liaisons with organizations involved in other aspects of publication ethics to reach the broadest audience possible through collaboration and licensing of selected educational offerings

Heather Tierney

Howard BrowmanNancy Chescheir, Mirjam CurnoTara HokeTrevor Lane, Seth LeopoldMichael MagouliasHeather TierneyHelena Wang, Charon Pierson (ex-officio)

Facilitation & Integrity

1. Evaluate concerns and issues raised to the attention of COPE which come within the remit of what COPE can look into.
2. Advise on necessary follow up and provide guidance to journals and publishers as necessary.
3. Review and recommend updates to the remit and process for consideration of concerns and issues.
4. Provide recommendations on general communication and expectations from journals and publishers in relation to complaints raised to their and COPE’s attention, including recommendations for sanctions if/when deemed appropriate. 

Submit a concern or issue to the Facilitation & Integrity Committee

Tara Hoke

J. Patrick BarronDavid GinleyDaniel Kulp, Seth LeopoldMichael MagouliasAlison Taylor (Acting Chair), Geraldine Pearson (ex-officio)


1. It shall confer with and advise the Trustee Board and Council on budget and resource allocation.
2. It shall confer with and advise the Trustee Board and Council on financial strategies to protect the long-term health and sustainability of COPE.
3. It shall review the annual financial statements and recommend them for approval to the Trustee Board.

Chair and Interim Treasurer
Daniel Kulp

Jason HuRachel Safer, Michael WiseAdrian Ziderman, Chris Graf (ex-officio)


1. It shall review, and make decisions on, all applicants for membership of COPE against the criteria as outlined on the COPE website here:
2. It shall annually review criteria for membership. 
3. It shall annually review COPE’s membership categories and make recommendations as appropriate. 
4. It shall ensure all members’ are served and their interests represented where appropriate. 

Michael Wise  

Jason HuDaniel Kulp, Gavin SwansonAlison TaylorLaura Wilson, Daoxin Yin

Member Services

Mission: Increase and enhance the engagement of members with COPE and its activities.

1. Increase awareness of COPE's resources and events amongst COPE membership.
2. Support the events coordinator, including on speaker requests.
3. Seek member feedback through surveys or other mediums for consideration of new initiatives or improvements to current offerings.
4. With the Web Manager and Marketing & Communications Officer, ensure COPE reaches its members effectively.

Trevor Lane

Vivienne BacheletJason Hu, Trevor LaneFrits RosendaalHeather TierneyAdrian Ziderman


1. Identify the need for new Trustees/Council members based on a gap in skills, experience, geography, and/or knowledge.
2. Review the process for recruitment; ensuring compliance with any specific requirements set out in the Articles of Association.
3. Consider the best methods for attracting a diverse range of candidates with the skills required.
4. Produce a shortlist of candidates for interview. 

Alison Taylor,

Howard BrowmanRachel SaferAdrian ZidermanGeraldine Pearson (ex-officio)


The Strategy Subcommittee consists of the Chair, all the Officers, at least one other Trustee, one other council member and, ex-officio, the Executive Officer. 

1. Lead the development, regular review, and reporting of, COPE strategy.
2. Prepare and regularly review and update as needed documentation on strategy.
3. In collaboration with other subcommittees, decide who to collaborate with in furtherance of COPE strategy, and develop and maintain those relationships. 

Chris GrafGeraldine Pearson

Dan KulpCharon PiersonDeborah PoffMichael Wise