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The Trustee Board (a maximum of 12), consists of the Officers, namely: Chair; Vice-chair (Chair-elect); Secretary; Treasurer; Immediate Past Chair (non-voting); members of Council, and those who are co-opted. The Officers and the Trustee Board are elected by the full Council at its Annual General Meeting (AGM). COPE's Trustees follow the code of ethics for the Trustee Board and Council. Members of the Trustee Board are Trustees under charity legislation and Directors of the limited company under company law. It meets four times a year and is led by the Chair. 

Read about the code of ethics for the Trustee Board and Council, based on 8 principles: organisational purpose, leadership, integrity, decision-making, risk & control, board effectiveness, diversity, openness and accountability, COPE mission.

The Trustee reports and financial statements, from 2012 to present are publicly available.

Daniel Kulp

Vice-Chair & Chair Elect
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Deborah Kahn

Elected Council Member and Trustee
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Nancy Chescheir

Elected Council Member and co-opted Trustee
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