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In the news: July & August 2022


The news includes articles on compliance with data sharing statements, whether retractions affect public perception of the poor science, a game which encourages researchers to think about research integrity issues, and more. The news is gathered by COPE Council members.


COPE Trustee

Vacancies on the COPE Trustee Board

We are seeking applications for five* vacancies on the COPE Trustee Board at an exciting time for the organisation as we look to expand into new areas. We have therefore highlighted gaps on the Trustee Board which we are keen to fill.

*On this occasion, we are NOT seeking to elect candidates from the UK or North America given our current complement of representation from these regions.

We are specifically seeking:


Letter from the COPE Chair: June 2022

Travel is once again becoming a part of my life. I recently returned from a wonderful trip to Cape Town, South Africa to participate in the 7th World Conference on Research Integrity (WCRI). The 30-hour trip from New York to South Africa was well worth it. I loved reconnecting with professional colleagues that I had not seen in years and making new connections.


In the news: May & June 2022

May and June 2022 news includes articles on peer review's role in uncovering scientific fraud, the data publishing ecosystem, the definitions of academic misconduct, and identifying fake research.


Letter from the COPE Chair: April 2022

The world has been left reeling following Russia’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine. As a community of publishers, journal editors, and human beings, we are appalled and horrified by the violence we see in Ukraine and we support an immediate end to this conflict.


Case discussion: critiques after publication

Is there a time limit for submitting a critique of a published article?

Case Summary

Time limit on critiques? case 22-02


Guest article: Detecting integrity issues

Joris van Rossum discusses the problem of fraud and work on preventing it entering the academic record. 


Guest article: Research misconduct

Jigisha Patel discusses the problem of research misconduct and the underlying research culture which drives misconduct.


In the news: March & April 2022

March and April 2022 publication ethics news including articles on research integrity, ethical oversight, diversity equity and inclusion, and more


Guest article: Avoiding predatory publishers

Some open access publishers charge an article-processing charge (APC), or other fees, that cover the range of publishing services that they provide, and this is a legitimate business model. These services may include: peer review; indexing journals so that articles are discoverable and citable; and preservation. Underpinning these services, trustworthy publishers will implement the policies and practices needed to reach high standards in publication ethics.