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Letter from COPE: June 2020

At this time we pay our respects to the memory of George Floyd, whose brutal killing has amplified issues of systemic racism in our society. We wish to voice our horror and outrage at the egregious violence, injustice, and marginalisation faced by people of colour in the US and throughout the world. We support all who stand against prejudice and discrimination of any kind.


In the news: June 2020

Each month COPE Council members gather and share publication ethics news. This month the news includes articles on diversity, open access, COVID-19, and more.


Letter from the COPE Vice-Chair: May 2020

I am delighted to have this opportunity to introduce myself to the broad readership of the Digest as the new Chair-elect of COPE, a position I will hold for a year before I become Chair of COPE. COPE is entering a critical phase in its life. The organisation has expanded rapidly, so we need to focus  on our strategic goals set out last year.


New members: November 2019-April 2020

Welcome to new COPE members who have joined us as journal, publisher or associate members. New members have been assessed against criteria outlined in the Principles of Transparency. Signing up to COPE shows that they intend to follow the highest standards of publication ethics and to apply COPE principles of publication ethics outlined in the Core Practices.


Editing, reviewing and writing during COVID-19

We bring together support and guidance on issues that have come about during this crisis. The collection includes articles on how authors, editors and reviewers are handling their work during this period and guidelines developed in response to the changing environment and workflow.


In the news: May 2020

Each month COPE Council members gather and share publication ethics news. This month the news includes articles on authorship, data sharing, COVID-19, and more.


Letter from the COPE Chair: April 2020

COPE, like many organisations, is grappling with the impact of the coronavirus. There is worldwide concern over COVID-19 and its impact on our daily lives, both personal and professional. Journal editors may be unsure of what to do in this unprecedented situation. How is COVID-19 affecting editors and publishers?


Vacancies on COPE Trustee Board

We are seeking applications for two vacancies on the COPE Trustee Board as we look to enhance the support we provide. We have therefore highlighted gaps on the Trustee Board which we are keen to fill. 

We are specifically seeking:

  1. candidates with extensive experience and a proven record in open access publishing 

  2. candidates with in depth knowledge and experience of publishing in areas such as monographs, books, conference proceedings, theses, etc.


COPE Members: update your member details

Have your contact details changed?

Do you have new staff at your journal?

Update the contact details for your journal on our website and ensure you and your colleagues can access all COPE resources.

Here's a quick guide to show you how to update your details, with step by step instructions:


In the news: April 2020

Diversity & Inclusion

In a study of gender bias in 145 journals in various areas of research, including 1.7 million authors and 740,00 referees, these authors show that in biomedicine and health journals women authors were treated generally favourably by editors and reviewers. This is in contrast to social science and humanity journals. The authors advocate for gender diversity among reviewers and editors to mitigate the perception and reality of bias.