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Why cite?

Citation is an essential aspect of scholarly writing. Reference to other literature embeds the current work in the context of existing knowledge, supporting or disputing other works, and establishing the authority of the scholarly assertion.  References function for these purposes when they allow the reader to locate the work cited and validate, explore and allow understanding and further research. 

News / Letter from the COPE co-Chairs: August 2018


News / Vacancies on COPE Council

We are seeking applications for a position on COPE Council. We have six vacancies. In line with COPE’s strategic goals and our obligations to meet the needs of all our members, we have highlighted gaps on Council which we are keen to fill.

*On this occasion, we are not seeking to elect candidates from North America. In addition, we will not consider applications from candidates whose discipline is primarily medicine, science, technology, engineering or mathematics.

News / Letter from the COPE co-Chairs: July 2018

Transparency 2020: Operational transparency, and research transparency

News / In the News: July Digest

Intellectual property

Preprints are one of the fastest growing types of content, at around 30% a year for the last two years, compared to 2-3% article growth during the same period.

News / Creating and implementing data research policies: COPE webinar report

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News / COPE Education Subcommittee focus: Intellectual Property

The seventh of COPE’s ten Core Practices is about intellectual property . It states:

News / COPE at CSE Annual Meeting, New Orleans USA

COPE Council members participated in several discussions at the Council of Science Editors (CSE) annual meeting in New Orleans, LA.

News / COPE at COMPARE Life Sciences Workshop on Authorship, UK

“Communication let me down…”

Well it may do (to borrow a lyric from ‘Communication’ by Spandau Ballet), but it doesn’t have to, if communication channels are kept open. That was the take home message following a stimulating afternoon tackling some big questions around authorship with early career researchers of the joint COMPARE (Centre of Membrane Proteins and Receptors) initiative.

News / In the news: June 2018 Digest

Ethical Oversight

The Science and Technology Committee of the UK House of Commons met on May 8, 2018 to discuss research integrity.  The transcript and a video of the meeting is available on The Science and Technology Committee.