Promoting integrity in research and its publication

COPE provides leadership in thinking on publication ethics and practical resources to educate and support members, and offers a professional voice in current debates.

New Guidance
Updated Authorship DIscussion Document provides practical advice on addressing the most common issues around authorship with specific guidance where there seems to be consensus and asking for further comments from COPE members in some areas.

Our core practices

Core practices are the policies and practices journals and publishers need, to reach the highest standards in publication ethics. We include cases with advice, guidance for day-to-day practice, education modules and events on topical issues, to support journals and publishers fulfil their policies.

COPE Forum

11 November 2019

Our next Forum, where members discuss and advise on current cases, will be held by webinar on 11 November. If you have an issue you're grappling with, submit your case to the Forum for advice from your peers.

News & opinion

Arts, humanities, and social sciences publication ethics research

COPE, with the support of Routledge (part of the Taylor & Francis Group), undertook research to better understand the publication ethics landscape for editors working on journals within the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Editors told us which issues they find most prevalent, most serious and those they felt least confident dealing with.

COPE Chair, Deborah Poff, emphasises the good work done in peer review and shares guidance available that supports #QualityInPeerReview. Plus new cases and the monthly news update. #PeerRevWk2019

Blog post with examples of ethical breaches in the peer review process by editors, reviewers and authors. Advice and guidance for editors to help the process go smoothly.

Karin Wulf writes a thought-provoking article on inclusion in scholarly practice that crosses all disciplines. Karin brings her own experience and a practical solution.


COPE cases and next member Forum

Four new cases were presented at the COPE Forum in August: authorship issue related to misleading action of one author; deceased author; publishing complications and patient safety; withdrawal of paper at proof stage. The summarised cases with the advice given, and updates on previous cases, are now available.

Read the presentation and summary of the text recycling project as presented at the European Seminar in Leiden by Michael Pemberton, Cary Moskovitz and David Hansen. #C0PE2019

A summary of the updated COPE retraction guidelines; the reasons for retractions, motivation for retraction and who retracts; and a publisher's perspective. Presentations from Howard Browman, Thed van Leeuwen and Catriona Fennell #C0PE2019

What is predatory publishing, what forms does it take and how can researchers avoid getting involved with predatory publishers. The plenary at our European Seminar with COPE Chair, Deborah Poff.