Promoting integrity in scholarly research and its publication

COPE provides leadership in thinking on publication ethics and practical resources to educate and support members, and offers a professional voice in current debates.

COPE Member Insight
October issue of Member Insight is out now with a recording of the webinar "Trustworthy AI for the future of publishing" in which guest speakers discuss the opportunities of using AI in publishing and related ethical concerns. We begin a series of interviews with new COPE Council Members, and encourage members to add to the Forum discussion on "Bias in peer review".

Our core practices

Core practices are the policies and practices journals and publishers need, to reach the highest standards in publication ethics. We include cases with advice, guidance for day-to-day practice, education modules and events on topical issues, to support journals and publishers fulfil their policies.

COPE Forum: submit a case

COPE Members: if you have an ethical issue you're grappling with, submit your case to the next Forum. Between our quarterly Forum meetings there is the opportunity to obtain confidential advice from COPE Council.

Guidance & discussion

Trustworthy AI for the future of publishing webinar recording

Watch the webinar recording with guest speakers discussing the opportunities of using AI to improve the quality of the publication process as well as the complex processes involved, and ethical concerns as they relate to editorial decision making in publishing. Available to COPE Members only.

New guidance! Introducing issues to be considered alongside the opportunities artificial intelligence solutions offer in the publication process, with recommendations on best practices.

COPE supports international ethical standards related to research and publication of research that relate to vulnerable groups and individuals.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the discussions at our recent Forum. If you have further thoughts, or couldn't attend but want to participate, there's still time to comment on the discussion.

Guidelines on editorial board participation

New COPE guidelines for editors provide an overview of editorial board appointment and engagement, including recommended roles and responsibilities, and key details to consider during recruitment.

Alongside publication of our new guidance on editorial board participation, we wanted to share some thoughts on why we should diversify our editorial boards and how to go about it.

We're delighted to welcome new Council Members to COPE representing various disciplines and countries.

We begin a series of interviews with new COPE Council Members, introducing Jennifer Wright of Cambridge University Press.