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COPE brings together all those involved in scholarly research and its publication to strengthen the network of support, education and debate in publication ethics

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It's Peer Review Week and COPE is hosting a webinar on Practical Steps for Managing Paper Mills on Tuesday 21 September. Peer review guidance is available for peer reviewers, editors and publishers, and we launch the fourth version of the Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing.

Our core practices

Core practices are the policies and practices journals and publishers need, to reach the highest standards in publication ethics. We include cases with advice, guidance for day-to-day practice, education modules and events on topical issues, to support journals and publishers fulfil their policies.

Register for COPE Forum

COPE Members: join us for the next COPE Forum, 27 September, where participants discuss publication ethics issues submitted by members. The Forum will begin with a discussion on conference proceedings.


Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing version 4 launched September 2022

The Principles of Transparency has been updated to align with today's scholarly publishing landscape. These guiding principles are intended as a foundation to help existing and new journals reach the best possible standards in scholarly publishing.

Flowcharts and infographics offer a step by step process for editors and publishers to use when handling suspected manipulation before and after publication, with recommended actions.

Unsure of your ethical obligations as a peer reviewer? The guidelines are designed to help peer reviewers by setting out the basic principles and standards.

Whether and under what circumstances should an editor modify a peer review?


Conference proceedings discussion at COPE Forum: register
27 September 2022

COPE Members: join us at the COPE Forum during which we aim to identify, and then discuss the ethical problems that are particular to conference proceedings. Whether or not you can attend the Forum, we welcome comments from members and non-members.

20 September 2022

As part of Peer Review Week, COPE is hosting this webinar for editors and publishers who want to learn from the speakers' experience of spotting and dealing with paper mills.

Watch the introduction to the Forum discussion on "Dealing with complaints about the integrity of published research" and read the discussion points raised at the Forum. We welcome your comments.

Peer review flowcharts offer a step by step process, with practical help for editors and reviewers.