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Peer review processes

All peer review processes must be transparently described and well managed. Journals should provide training for editors and reviewers and have policies on diverse aspects of peer review, especially with respect to adoption of appropriate models of review and processes for handling conflicts of interest, appeals and disputes that may arise in peer review

Our core practices

Core practices are the policies and practices journals and publishers need, to reach the highest standards in publication ethics. We include cases with advice, guidance for day-to-day practice, education modules and events on topical issues, to support journals and publishers fulfil their policies.

About this resource

Diversity and inclusivity in peer review. Podcast with Professor Andy Hor, Hong Kong University

A discussion with Charon Pierson, COPE Secretary and Andy Hor, Vice President of Research at Hong Kong University. An institutional perspective on training early career researchers within a culture of diversity and inclusivity.


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In the news: January 2021

Publication ethics news January 2021

Each month, COPE Council members find and share publication ethics news. This month the news includes articles on image manipulation, peer review, preprints, and more.


Peer review cases: Spanish translations

Following positive feedback from our peer review workshops, we are pleased to introduce Spanish translations of the peer review cases used at the workshops, with advice from the COPE Forum.

Durante la Semana de la revisión por pares (#PeerRevWk20) celebramos un taller basado en cuatro casos que llegaron al COPE Forum para examen crítico y solicitud de asesoramiento porotros miembros COPE.

About this resource

About this resource


Letter from the COPE Chair: December 2020

Correction to December Digest (Vol 8 Iss.12)

In the December Digest Letter, we stated that “In May, arXiv, medRxiv, bioRxiv, and other preprint platforms adjusted their policies to not accept computational models so that the chances of misinformation or unhelpful information being posted would be reduced”.

About this resource

About this resource


Top cases 2020

Most read cases and case discussions

Top five cases

Three of the top five most read cases on the COPE website in 2020 were related to authorship issues:


In the news: December 2020

Publication ethics news December 2020

Each month, COPE Council members find and share publication ethics news. This month the news includes articles on diversity, peer review, predatory publishing, and more.