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Daniel Kulp

Council Title: 

Long Island, NY, USA

Term of Office as Chair
May 2021-May 2024

Term of Office as Chair-Elect 
May 2020-May 2021

Term of Office as Vice-Chair 
May 2019-May 2021

Term of Office as Treasurer
October 2017-May 2019 First Term

Term of office as Elected Council member
August 2016-August 2019 First Term

Daniel Kulp is Senior Director, editorial development for the journals of the American Chemical Society (ACS). He received his PhD in materials science and engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, and worked for the American Physical Society for nearly 24 years in their editorial office on Long Island before moving to ACS. During this time, Dan has been involved in all aspects of publishing including peer review, production, distribution, and personnel and financial management of journals.

Competing interests statement: