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New: Chinese resources

Chinese COPE resources

We have new Chinese translations of COPE resources to add to our existing translated material.

eLearning module: Introduction to Publication Ethics

Guidelines: Ethical guidelines for peer reviewers

Discussion document: What constitutes authorship?

Flowcharts: Complete set of flowcharts


COPE China Seminar 2017: presentations and workshop feedback

Full programme: Chinese programme   English programme

Session 1

Ethical Authorship. Best Practice for Avoiding Authorship Disputes
Chaired by: Deborah Poff and Helena Wang

Promoting awareness of good authorship practice
Siu-wai Leung, University of Macau 
Promoting awareness of good authorship practice

Identifying authorship: how hard can it be?
Mark Israel, Australasian Human Research Ethics Consultancy Services
Chinese presentation   English presentation


Session 2

What we have learned about ethics and peer review in the last 2 years
Chaired by: Chris Graf and Jason Hu 

Peer review: strengths, limitations and emerging issues
Deborah Poff, Strategic Development, Pacific Coast University for Workplace Health Sciences, Canada and COPE Treasurer
Chinese presentation   English presentation

Peer review in the journals published by Chinese Medical Association: experiences and challenges
Yongmao Jiang, Director, Publishing Group of the Chinese Medical Association
Chinese presentation   English presentation


Session 3

Plagiarism: one of the most common ethical problems, and what we can do about it
Chaired by: Helena Wang and Jason Hu

The future of plagiarism
Helen Zhang, Chief Editor, Journal of Zhejiang University
The future of plagiarism

Editing a journal on academic integrity: What to do when authors plagiarise their research on plagiarism! 
Tracey Bretag, Business School Office for Academic Integrity, University of South Australia
Chinese presentation   English presentation


Session 4

Interactive Cases Workshop
Chaired by: Chris Graf and Trevor Lane

Workshop cases to be discussed
Cases Chinese  Cases English

Workshop feedback and advice on cases
Case feedback Chinese  Case feedback English


Report from China Seminar

The China Seminar report is from Trevor Lane and Helena Wang, COPE Council, who attended the Seminar, chairing a session each and participating in others. 

Article in Chinese Medical Journal

The Pillars of Publication Ethics and Research Integrity: Spread the Word by Chris Graf, June 2017.