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Letter from the COPE Chair: July 2020


Dear Readers,

I would like to begin by welcoming our newest Trustee, Dr Suzanne Farley. Suzanne brings a wealth of experience in publication ethics and we are particularly interested in her knowledge with respect to open access. Welcome, Suzanne. We all look forward to working with you at COPE.

This issue is focused on text recycling and we want to bring your attention to the upcoming COPE webinar on August 7, 2020 understanding text recycling. The speakers are from the Text Recycling Research Project (TRRP) and will be led by Cary Moskovitz, Michael Pemberton and David Hansen. Some of you had the opportunity to hear about the project at COPE’s last European Seminar in Leiden in September 2019. The multi-year research programme is now well into its second year and this will be an in-depth treatment of the topic which will allow attendees to engage further in this important topic.

This year we will be revising COPE guidance on text recycling and plagiarism. The webinar will be a good context for those revisions.

The case discussion this month is also on text recycling. Thanks to Council Member, Trevor Lane, for crafting the discussion which is based on the case self-plagiarism and suspected salami publishing.

There is also an article in this issue on self-plagiarism in philosophy by Michael Dougherty. Michael has just published a new book with Springer entitled, ‘Disguised Academic Plagiarism: A Typology and Case Studies for Researchers and Editors’.

As part of COPE’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity, COPE has signed up to the Coalition for Diversity and Inclusion in Scholarly Communications. We are pleased to be a member of the Coalition and look forward to learning opportunities to build on our commitment to moving forward on these important issues.

Finally, COPE has been consulted as part of the ongoing consultation of STM initiative to develop a standard taxonomy for peer review.

Wishing you all the best.

COPE Chair Deborah Poff, CM, PhD