Peer-review process

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  1. Author of rejected letter blames global bias against his message and undisclosed conflicts of interest

  2. Lack of trial registration leads to new concerns about study conduct and ethical review/approval

  3. Author creates bogus email accounts for proposed reviewers

  4. Compromised peer review system in published papers

  5. Compromised peer review (unpublished)

  6. What instructions and guidance do journals provide to their reviewers to assess submitted manuscripts?: A survey with particular emphasis on the use of reporting guidelines

    Cynthia Clerk - 30th Oct 2017

    The project aims to survey journals’ instructions to reviewers of submitted manuscripts. The study will summarise if and how journals use reporting guidelines in the peer review process, and will explore how effective the editors have found reporting guid ...

  7. Author of rejected paper publicly names and criticises peer reviewer

  8. In the news: October 2018 Digest

    Sarah Gillmore - 13th Nov 2018

    Journal Management This month’s topic is “journal management” and on first blush, it isn’t obvious how the concept of “ethics” applies to this topic. I thought of things like selection and implementation of a manuscript manager, paying bills, identifying ...

  9. Systematic manipulation of the publication process

    Sarah Gillmore - 7th Nov 2018

    Download flowchart: Systematic manipulation of the publication process [PDF, 482KB (Version 1, November 2018)] Back to main flowcharts page Resource type Resource Media Systematic_manipulation_of_the_publication_process.pdf PDF, 482KB (Version 1, November ...