Peer review

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  1. Questionable ethics related to clinical trial raised by peer-reviewer

    sabinekleinert - 26th Oct 2017

    Case number:  10-34 Case text (Anonymised) You can listen to the podcast of this case from the menu on the right We received a paper describing a clinical trial comparing treatment X with treatment Y. Treatment Y is the standard treatment for the indicati ...

  2. In the news: May 2018 Digest

    Sarah Gillmore - 18th Jun 2018

    Conflicts of Interest An article in discusses a paper published in the BMJ which was widely picked up in the news, but where the peer reviewers had close affiliations with the authors, and wonders if there are wider unexamined conflic ...

  3. Should we have had author consent for a randomised controlled trial of a peer review?

  4. The reviewer writes comments that he doesn’t want the author to see

  5. Who ensures the integrity of the editor?

  6. Publication bias arising from an editor’s activities

  7. Editorial compliance with duplicate publication

  8. Retrospective correction: how far back do we go?

  9. Authorship dispute

  10. Alleged plagiarism