Peer review

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  1. In the news: October 2018 Digest

    Sarah Gillmore - 28th Nov 2018

    Journal Management This month’s topic is “journal management” and on first blush, it isn’t obvious how the concept of “ethics” applies to this topic. I thought of things like selection and implementation of a manuscript manager, paying bills, identifying ...

  2. In the news: May 2018 Digest

    Sarah Gillmore - 4th Nov 2018

    Conflicts of Interest An article in discusses a paper published in the BMJ which was widely picked up in the news, but where the peer reviewers had close affiliations with the authors, and wonders if there are wider unexamined conflic ...

  3. Author of rejected paper publicly names and criticises peer reviewer

  4. Author requests for certain experts not to be included in the editorial process

  5. Review of a book written by an editor of a journal

  6. Author of rejected letter blames global bias against his message and undisclosed conflicts of interest

  7. Submissions from members of the editorial board

  8. Publisher and stakeholder with misaligned conflict of interest policies

  9. Deception in submitting manuscript for publication

  10. Advice regarding a weird type of content and its authorship