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Opinion / Costs of research misconduct

All too often the efforts of editors to expose misconduct in research and publication come to nothing because the authors' institutions either ignore the problem or fail to act on it.

Opinion / Manuscript editors and plagiarism

 The August issue of European Science Editing (the EASE journal) contains an interesting article by Mary Ellen Kerans and Marje de Jager about how manuscript editors can detect plagiarism and help authors avoid it. The article includes helpful definitions of problems such as copy-paste writing and micro-plagiarism. 

European Science Editing 36(3):62-5


Opinion / 2nd World Conference on Research Integrity

COPE Vice-Chair, Sabine Kleinert has reported on the 2nd World Conference on Research Integrity in Singapore and COPE’s involvement in developing international standards for authors and editors in a Lancet commentary.

Opinion / Blog highlights retractions

Two US journalists have created a blog about retractions ( They argue that retractions are an important mechanism for correcting the research literature but may not be easy to find or well-publicised.

Opinion / Outcome Reporting Among Drug Trials Registered in

A paper published in the Annals of Internal Medicine this week looked at associations between the funding sources of 546 registered trials of drugs in 5 commonly prescribed classes and published outcomes, using data from


Building an international register of ongoing systematic reviews: have your say

In response to growing concern about reporting biases, and advocacy for registration of systematic reviews, the Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (CRD) is leading an initiative to establish an international register of ongoing systematic reviews.


COPE awards research grant to the EQUATOR group

The research project, entitled ‘What instructions and guidance do journals provide to their reviewers to assess submitted manuscripts?

Opinion / New guidelines for reporting of animal studies - the ARRIVE guidelines

PLoS Biology has just published a paper and an editorial on an initiative to improve the reporting of studies that report research that involves animals - the ARRIVE guidelines


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Opinion / Ghostauthors, ghost management and the manipulation of medical research

There are three articles in the June issue of Bioethics on different aspects of ghostwriting.

The first article, by Tobenna D Anekwe, “Profits and plagiarism: the case of medical ghostwriting” argues that “medical ghostwriting often involves plagiarism and, in those cases, can be treated as an act of research misconduct” and suggests measures to counter ghostwriting.