Misconduct/questionable behaviour

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  1. New guidelines from COPE: Sharing of Information Among Editors-in-Chief Regarding Possible Misconduct

    Natalie Ridgeway - 23rd May 2016

    New guidelines from COPE on 'Sharing of Information Among Editors-in-Chief Regarding Possible Misconduct' can be found here: http://publicationethics.org/files/Sharing%20_of_Information_Among_EiCs_....  These guidelines originated in a Forum dis ...

  2. Submission without knowledge of the corresponding author

  3. Rights of reviewers

  4. Reviewer submitting for publication material that had been removed from a paper he had reviewed

  5. Authorship without the author’s knowledge

  6. Russian scientific misconduct

  7. Possible breach of confidentiality by a reviewer

  8. Suspected financial fraud

  9. Suspected contact between reviewer and an author led to coauthorship of the reviewer

  10. Supervisor publishes PhD students work