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2013: Presentations at the Asia-Pacific Seminar

"Correcting the literature" 

The 2013 Asia-Pacific Seminar was held on Friday, 15 February 2013 at the Karstens Melbourne Conference Rooms, 123 Queen Street Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Asia-Pacific Seminar programme 2013

Report from the Asia-Pacific Seminar 2013- Chris Shorten, Wiley-Blackwell

Legal issues in retractions and corrections — Helen McLean, legal counsel for John Wiley & Sons, Australia

Correcting *our* literature is one thing. What about the rest of it? — John Loadsman, Editor, Anaesthesia & Intensive Care

2012: Presentations at the COPE European Seminar

"Correcting the Literature" 

The 2012 European Seminar was held on Friday, 16 March 2012 at Charles Darwin House, London UK
Download COPE European Seminar 2012 programme [PDF, 63 KB]

CrossMark: there is no final version — Ed Pentz, CrossMark

2012: Presentations at the North American Seminar

"Correcting the Literature"

The COPE 2012 North American seminar took place on 19 October 2012 at Bechtel Conference Center, ASCE Building, 1801 Alexander Bell Drive, Reston, Virginia, USA

Download COPE 2012 North American seminar programme [PDF, 32KB]

Retraction of scientific papers: The Science experience — Barbara Jasny, Deputy Editor of Science

Legal issues in corrections, retractions and expressions of concern — Mark Seeley, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Elsevier

CrossMark: there is no final version — Carol Meyer, CrossRef

2011: Presentations at the Asia-Pacific Seminar

Publication ethics at the four points of the journal editing compass

The  2011 Asia-Pacific Seminar was held on 14 November 2011 at Wiley-Blackwell Building, Melbourne, Australia

2011 Asia-Pacific Seminar Programme [PDF, 46KB]

Duplicate and salami publications in science – Presented by Richard O'Hair, Professor of Chemistry and Associate Dean science (Research & Industry); Associate Editor of Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry