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Editing peer reviews | diversity survey September 2021 (Vol 9, Issue 6)

In this issue, COPE is launching new guidelines on Editing peer reviews. This new guidance is focused on the issue of whether and under what circumstances it is legitimate for an editor to modify a reviewer’s comments. It will also give guidance on the level of editing and editing procedure which will support consistent, fair, and transparent editing practices.

This year’s theme of Peer Review Week is on the “multifaceted role of identity in peer review”. To support Peer Review Week, COPE will be reproducing the 2018 survey on diversity and inclusion in peer review. This will give a chance to see if attitudes, policies, or practices have evolved over the last three years.

Registration for COPE's virtual COPE Seminar, 27 September–1 October, closes on 20 September, so please sign up now if you are interested

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