Ethical review/approval

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  1. A patient was given an experimental course of complementary medicine when a standard treatment was available

  2. Potentially unethical publication

  3. Ethics, institutional review and studies from private practice

  4. Request for a retraction of a retraction

  5. Possible serial misconduct in relation to coauthors and other activities

  6. Ethical concerns and the validity of documentation supplied by the authors

  7. Letter from the COPE co-Chairs: May 2018

    Sarah Gillmore - 20th Sep 2018

    Starting the conversation: Outcomes from a research integrity workshop for research institutions, editors and publishers On April 25th members of the Russell Group Integrity Forum met with members of COPE on the campus of the University of Birmingham, UK ...

  8. Data fabrication, lack of ethical approval, withdrawal of paper and publication in another journal

  9. Lack of ethical approval and not reporting experimental evidence