Ethical review/approval

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  1. Questionable ethics related to clinical trial raised by peer-reviewer

    sabinekleinert - 26th Oct 2017

    Case number:  10-34 Case text (Anonymised) You can listen to the podcast of this case from the menu on the right We received a paper describing a clinical trial comparing treatment X with treatment Y. Treatment Y is the standard treatment for the indicati ...

  2. A commentary on a piece of (unethical) research

  3. Not getting consent from an ethics committee

  4. Unethical research undertaken by a single handed GP

  5. Failing to get consent from an ethics committee

  6. Unethical research

  7. Patients with vitiligo treated with anti-fungal drugs by a general practitioner

  8. Retrospective ethical approval?

  9. What happens when there is no local ethics committee?

  10. Ethical status of authors’ actions?