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Manuscript submitted based on retracted paper


A paper was published in a journal. After publication, the author contacted the journal to ask for withdrawal of the paper because of some mistakes. After careful and considered review of the content of this paper by a duly constituted expert committee, the paper was found to be incomplete due to the dependent variable used in the analysis and the literature review used.


Author alleges discrimination by institutional report


In 2020, the corresponding author of an article published online three years previously notified the journal of an authorship conflict and explained that the institution was requesting retraction. Because authorship conflict does not typically warrant retraction, the publisher requested further details from the author and the author's institution about the conflict.


A vision for a more trans-inclusive publishing world: guest article

High level principles for name changes in publishing


Update on COPE guidance regarding author name changes

Author name changes working group


Paper published without permission or acknowledgement from institution


An author affiliated with a research institution R published two papers as a single author, one of them in a journal of publisher A. 


Case discussion: repeated complaints about meta-analysis

Case: how to respond to a reader's repeated concerns



How to respond to a reader's repeated concerns


A meta-analysis was published in a journal ahead of print, and then subsequently in print. Several months later, the journal was contacted by a faculty member at a university not connected with the study. The reader outlined three general concerns with the meta-analysis. The concerns were discussed by the editorial team, including the statistical editor, and it was decided that the overall results of the meta-analysis were not affected.


Author admits failure to credit other authors


An author submitted a manuscript and stated that he was the sole author. The manuscript received a favourable peer review and eventually was accepted. Some time after the article was published, a co-author told the author to contact the journal to correct the author list. The author of record (AOR) did this and supplied co-author names to the journal.  


Allegations related to multiple papers and journals


A publisher is responding to allegations about a particular group of authors. The complainants have accused this group of authors of wide scale research fabrication and misconduct, relating to a large number of their papers across many different journals (published by a variety of publishers).