Ghost authorship

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  1. The fraudulent letter

  2. Who ensures the integrity of the editor?

  3. Paper submitted by a PR company without the knowledge of the authors

  4. Competing interest

  5. Sanitising a misleading statement

  6. Author dispute over internal report

  7. Authors’ contributions and involvement by medical communications company

  8. What constitutes authorship? New COPE discussion document

    Natalie Ridgeway - 26th Oct 2017

    A new discussion document looking at some of the issues around authorship has  been published by COPE.  ' What constitutes authorship ' examines  existing guidelines on authorship, puts together  some basic principles to help prevent common prob ...

  9. Suspected ghost, guest or gift authorship

    Cynthia Clerk - 5th Nov 2018

    Download "Suspected ghost, guest or gift authorship" flowchart (PDF, 154KB) Back to maiin flowcharts page Resource type Resource Media Download "Suspected ghost, guest or gift authorship" flowchart PDF, 154KB Download 153.36 KB Resourc ...

  10. How to handle authorship disputes: a guide for new researchers

    Cynthia Clerk - 13th Nov 2018

    By Tim Albert and Liz Wager This document aims to help new researchers prevent and resolve authorship problems. In particular it provides: suggestions for good authorship practice that should reduce the incidence of such dilemmas, advice on what to do whe ...