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Peer Review Resources: Peer Review Week 2019

Peer Review Week 2019 is themed "Quality in Peer Review". Some of COPE's resources are directed towards peer reviewers with guidance on how to peer review. COPE also has guidance for editors on how to identify peer review manipulation.

Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers  set out the basic principles and standards to which all peer reviewers should follow during the peer-review process in research publication. The aim has been to make them generic so that they can be applied across disciplines.

What to consider when asked to peer review a manuscript flowchart laying out the steps in the decision process that you might go through to decide whether or not you should accept the request.

How to spot potential manipulation of the peer review process infographic shows the features or patterns of activity to help editors recognise potential signs of peer review manipulation. Often it is the occurrence of these features in combination that may indicate a potential issue.

What to do if you Suspect Peer Review Manipulation is COPE's flowchart if peer review manipulation is discovered either during or after the peer review process.


Read September 2019 Digest newsletter celebrating Peer Review Week. Nancy Chescheir's blog empahises the good work done in peer review and some of the ethical breaches that can occur. We share COPE guidance and support on peer review and responses from AHSS editors on peer review issues they face. New and updated cases from the August COPE Forum are now available and you can read the monthly update on news, collated by COPE Council members, and events that you may be interested in.