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New Website goes live!

The redesigned COPE website has now been launched. 

The site has been designed to make it easier for users to navigate around the site and access the resources quickly and easily.

Highlights of the new website include improved navigation and a more intuitive and accurate search facility. 

;We have streamlined the text, clearly highlighting the PDFs available for download on each individual page and we hope you will agree that the new design is more visually appealing. 

Other features include:

  • Easier access to resources. Primary resources, such as the COPE Code of Conduct and Flowcharts can now be accessed directly from the home page.
  • COPE information and resources specifically for editors, publishers, authors and journalists: The editors’ section contains a new resource, the ‘Short Guide to Ethical Editing for New Editors’, this aims to summarize key issues for new editors and provides links to relevant pages of the COPE website as well as those of other organisations.
  • Improved members’ section with an alphabetical search as well as country and publisher filters to allow easier searching.
  • Better access to an archive of over 400 cases. These are searchable by keyword and year.  
  • A clearer layout for the News, Opinion and Events page.

COPE’s new Code of Conduct for Publishers in addition to the revised Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors are now available on the website. The Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors has been revised to make sure it is applicable to COPE members across all disciplines.

The December 2010 Forum was recorded and the cases have been edited into separate podcasts. These can be found next to the relevant case summary under the ‘Cases’ menu.

Much of the website is now available without having to login, making it more convenient for users to access our resources. Some areas will still require you to log-in, these include:  submitting a case for COPE Forum, auditing your journal, and the eLearning course (due Q2 of 2011).

We do hope that you find the new website both appealing and useful, and we welcome your feedback.  Please send us any comments you have via the Contact Us link on the website.