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    HemaSphere publishes results of highly relevant basic, translational and clinical research in hematology. We are especially looking for strong studies reporting novel findings that are of high impact to the field of hematology. Review articles and guideline articles provide clear overviews of new developments and recommendations for patient care. As the journal of the European Hematology Association, HemaSphere is also the premier hematology information resource, which is covered by the HemaTopics section in the journal. This section will present insightful discussions on all aspects related to hematology, including summaries of important articles, reports of new therapies, discussions on EU policy, and other hematology news items. HemaSphere is an open access journal, powered by the European Hematology Association and dedicated to support hematology patient care, research and education worldwide.
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    Co-Editors-in-Chief: Prof Andreas Engert and Jan Cools
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    2572-9241 / 2572-9242
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