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EDIPUCRS is following the global trend of presenting scientific communication in electronic format. In addition to democratize and disseminate knowledge, this format is environmentally friendly, simplifies management and allows the publication in a shorter time.

EDIPUCRS manages the  PUCRS Journals Portal ,  which was launched in 2006. This Publisher University currently publishes 20 journals, available exclusively in electronic form. Magazines EDIPUCRS use the Open Journal Systems (OJS) under the concept of open access. We follow the principle of open access to scientific communication allows greater global exchange of knowledge.

The menu "SEARCH" This Portal allows you to search articles by subject, in each newspaper or a particular magazine. 
Discontinued magazines:  Discontinued magazines are included in the Portal as well as the current Journals.



Magazine Division

Editorial Assistant: Amanda da Rosa Urbano

Scholar:  Monica Silva Worm


EDIPUCRS Editor-in-chief

Prof. Luciano Aronne de Abreu



Rodrigo Silva Braga 

Veritas (Porto Alegre)

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Textos & Contextos

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Sistema Penal & Violência

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Sessões do Imaginário – Cinema | Cibercultura | Tecnologias da Imagem

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Scientia Medica

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Revista da Graduação

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PAJAR - Pan American Journal of Aging Research

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