Copernicus Publications


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  1. Advances in Geosciences (ADGEO)

    Managing Editor: 
    Dr Philippe Courtial
  2. Advances in Radio Science (ARS)

    Managing Editor: 
    Professor Wolfgang Mathis
  3. Advances in Science and Research (ASR)

    Managing Editor: 
    Dr Martina Junge
  4. Advances in Statistical Climatology Meteorology and Oceanography (ASCMO)

    Executive Editor: 
    Professor Jennifer Hoeting
  5. Annales Geophysicae (ANGEO)

    Professor Ioannis A Daglis
  6. Archives Animal Breeding (AAB)

    Managing Editor: 
    Dr Gunther Viereck
  7. ASTRA Proceedings (AP)

    Mrs Natascha Topfer
  8. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP)

    Executive Editor: 
    Professor Ulrich Poschl
  9. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques (AMT)

    Executive Editor: 
    Professor Thomas Wagner
  10. Biogeosciences (BG)

    Professor Michael Bahn