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  3. Undisclosed conflict of interest

  4. Dispute between two authors

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  6. Consequence for dual submission

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  8. Unhelpful institution report

  9. Potential figure manipulation with corresponding author uncontactable

  10. Withdrawing from authorship

  11. Editor found guilty of research misconduct

  12. Satire in scholarly publishing

  13. Data manipulation and institute’s internal review

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  15. Authorship dispute regarding author order

  16. Submission of an already published case report

  17. Suspected unattributed text in a published article

  18. Institutional investigation of authorship dispute

  19. Request by organisation to retract article and publish expression of concern

  20. What extent of plagiarism demands a retraction vs correction?

  21. Paper B plagiarised paper A: what to do if a journal does not respond?

  22. Publication of expression of concern

  23. Publication of a manuscript on an external website after acceptance but prior to journal publication

  24. Multiple redundant submissions from the same author

  25. Author impersonating corresponding author without knowledge of coauthors