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  1. Licence for a published scale

  2. Dispute between two authors

  3. License for using a published scale

  4. Withdrawal request by an author

  5. Authorship dispute unsatisfactorily resolved by institution

  6. Is it plagiarism to use text verbatim from a manuscript review?

  7. Suspected unattributed text in a published article

  8. Case histories and post publication debate

  9. Withdrawal of accepted manuscript from predatory journal

  10. What extent of plagiarism demands a retraction vs correction?

  11. Parental consent for participants

  12. Paper B plagiarised paper A: what to do if a journal does not respond?

  13. Data anonymity

  14. Publication of a manuscript on an external website after acceptance but prior to journal publication

  15. Multiple redundant submissions from the same author

  16. Profusion of copied text passages

  17. Inability to contact an author to obtain permission to publish

  18. Author impersonating corresponding author without knowledge of coauthors

  19. Authorship dispute

  20. Revoked parental consent

  21. Plagiarized figure

  22. Possible self-plagiarism and/or prior publication

  23. Potential fabrication of data in primary studies included in a meta-analysis accepted for publication

  24. Online posting of confidential draft by peer reviewer

  25. Identifying patient information published in a figure