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  1. Scientific misconduct claim from a whistleblower where the institution will not investigate

  2. Retrospective registration, outcome switching and ethical approval

  3. Service evaluation as research in a controversial area of medicine

  4. Ethics of non-active management of a control group

  5. Authorship dispute and possible unreported protocol amendment

  6. Parental consent for participants

  7. Low risk study with no ethics committee approval

  8. Data anonymity

  9. Ethics committee approval

  10. The ethics of self-experimentation

  11. Institutional review board approval required?

  12. Institutional review board approval needed?

  13. Fraud or sloppiness in a submitted manuscript

  14. Ethical concerns about a study involving human subjects

  15. Findings of a published trial called into question by a subsequent audit of trial conduct

  16. Ethical concerns and the validity of documentation supplied by the authors

  17. Inadequate assurance of human research ethics for a questionnaire

  18. Fraudulent data presented in a manuscript

  19. Possible violation of the Helsinki Declaration on Scientific Research with Humans

  20. Unethical private practice

  21. Authorship dispute

  22. Was this study unethical?

  23. Request to withdraw as an author of an accepted but unpublished paper

  24. Lack of ethical approval and not reporting experimental evidence

  25. Possible overlapping publications/data