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  1. Data fabrication in a rejected manuscript

  2. A pre-submission inquiry with a bribe

  3. Editor and reviewers requiring authors to cite their own work

  4. Unethical withdrawal after acceptance to maximize the 'impact factor'?

  5. Stolen article

  6. Consequence for dual submission

  7. Authorship issues from disbanded consortium

  8. Editor manipulation of impact factor

  9. Unhelpful institution report

  10. Authorship dispute unsatisfactorily resolved by institution

  11. Editor found guilty of research misconduct

  12. Lead author of a research paper disagrees with content of a linked editorial

  13. Would the loss of a clinical licence in one country impact on the ability to do clinical work in another?

  14. Is it plagiarism to use text verbatim from a manuscript review?

  15. Data manipulation and institute’s internal review

  16. Submission of an already published case report

  17. Suspected unattributed text in a published article

  18. Withdrawal of accepted manuscript from predatory journal

  19. Institutional investigation of authorship dispute

  20. Author accused of stealing research and publishing under their name

  21. Authorship dispute and possible unreported protocol amendment

  22. Paper B plagiarised paper A: what to do if a journal does not respond?

  23. Publication of expression of concern

  24. Multiple redundant submissions from the same author

  25. Profusion of copied text passages