Ombudsman's Reports

 COPE recommends that journals have an ombudsman (independent of the editor) to hear complaints about journal policies or processes. We therefore felt it was appropriate to have an ombudsman for COPE to hear complaints against the organization and to resolve disputes between members (eg if one member brings a complaint against another).  Fortunately, such cases have been rare but, since 2008, the Ombudsman’s reports have been made available. 

Ombudsman’s report on a complaint brought against COPE for its management of a complaint against an editor regarding an article submitted to a member journal

Download the report on this case referred to the COPE Ombudsman (Download PDF, 26kb, uploaded 22 June 2010).

Lessons from a case of overlapping publications

Download the report on the case referred to the COPE Ombudsman (Download PDF, 104 kb), written by Liz Wager on behalf of COPE Council. 3 September 2008.