Prior publication

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  1. A case of salami slicing

  2. Alleged unauthorized use of data and possible dual publication

  3. Are copyrighted conference audiotapes considered "prior publication"?

  4. COPE Forum 10 June 2015: Prior publication and theses

    Cynthia Clerk - 29th Jan 2018

    Topic: Prior publication and theses Research higher degree theses have traditionally been seen as part of the scholarly communications chain, and have been made available by university libraries in print and, latterly, online via institutional repositorie ...

  5. Is this previous publication?

  6. Possible self-plagiarism and/or prior publication

  7. Pre-publication in a discussion paper series

  8. Publication of a manuscript on an external website after acceptance but prior to journal publication

  9. Text recycling guidelines for editors

    Cynthia Clerk - 5th Feb 2018

    A common issue encountered by editors is overlap of text with an author’s own previously published work, particularly with the increasing use of plagiarism detection software. This practice is known as ‘text recycling’ (also sometimes referred to as ‘self ...