Ethical review/approval

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  1. HIV homeopathy

  2. Pedigree descriptions: genotyping results for family members

  3. Homeoprophylactic treatment of a zoonotic disease

  4. Ethics committee waives consent for case report, editor disagrees

  5. Ethical concerns and the validity of documentation supplied by the authors

  6. Ethical concerns about a study involving human subjects

  7. Institutional review board approval needed?

  8. Institutional review board approval required?

  9. FORUM DISCUSSION TOPIC: comments please

    Linda Gough - 26th Oct 2017 - 4 comments

    Publication ethics issues in the social sciences Background The history of research ethics in general and publication ethics more specifically was initially and primarily grounded in the biomedical sciences. As concern over issues of animal care, human pa ...

  10. The ethics of self-experimentation