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Diversity and inclusivity in peer review. Podcast with Professor Andy Hor, Hong Kong University

A discussion with Charon Pierson, COPE Secretary and Andy Hor, Vice President of Research at Hong Kong University. An institutional perspective on training early career researchers within a culture of diversity and inclusivity.


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Author anonymity at the final proofreading stages


A newly relaunched open access, peer reviewed journal operates a double blind peer-review system. At all stages of the review, until the decision to accept has been taken, neither the author nor the reviewer can identify the other. The journal always uses at least two reviewers, who are also unaware of the identity of each other.


In the news: January 2021

Publication ethics news January 2021

Each month, COPE Council members find and share publication ethics news. This month the news includes articles on image manipulation, peer review, preprints, and more.


Peer review cases: Spanish translations

Following positive feedback from our peer review workshops, we are pleased to introduce Spanish translations of the peer review cases used at the workshops, with advice from the COPE Forum.

Durante la Semana de la revisión por pares (#PeerRevWk20) celebramos un taller basado en cuatro casos que llegaron al COPE Forum para examen crítico y solicitud de asesoramiento porotros miembros COPE.

About this resource

About this resource

About this resource


Reviewer's identity revealed


The journal operates a double blind peer review system. Because the journal is small, it does not use a platform for reviews, so reviewers are sent a Word document containing the manuscript and an evaluation form to complete, in which they can leave their comments. However, some reviewers choose to comment directly on the Word document. Most of these comments are anonymised by appearing as user1 or some other nickname. However, sometimes a reviewer will comment using their real name.


Letter from the COPE Chair: September 2020

Trust in peer review

September sees the sixth Peer Review Week taking place (21 - 25 September), which has now become something of an established fixture in the research community calendar. The theme for this year is ‘trust’; a focus which resonates strongly with the core values and goals of COPE, going hand in hand with ethical reliability and responsible leadership.