Peer review

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  1. A breach of confidentiality?

  2. A member of an author group listed on a paper denies authorship

  3. Advice regarding a weird type of content and its authorship

  4. An accusation of racism

  5. An analysis of peer review cases brought to COPE from 1997-2016

    Dom Mitchell - 26th Oct 2017

    [PDF, 100Kb- click image to download] Resource type Resource Resource category Research COPE Research 2017 Summary [PDF, 100Kb- click image to download] Classifications Ethical review/approval Peer review processes Peer review Peer review ...

  6. An article in a high profile journal that potentially misappropriates research published in lower impact journals

  7. An enquiry about arbitrating reviewers

    Case number: 
    Case Closed
  8. Anonymous peer review – author requesting manuscript file

  9. Author creates bogus email accounts for proposed reviewers

  10. Author of rejected letter blames global bias against his message and undisclosed conflicts of interest