Peer review

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  1. Meeting Report: America Philosophical Association

    Sarah Gillmore - 8th Mar 2019

    Deborah Poff, COPE Vice-Chair and Chair Elect, recently presented COPE views on a variety of issues and activities related to publication ethics and philosophy. Deborah presented the current commitment of COPE to assess and respond to particular issues fo ...

  2. COPE Forum: Monday 11 February 2019

    Sarah Gillmore - 5th Feb 2019

    Date & Time:  Monday, 11 February 2019- 4:00pm Location:  Webinar Register  for the next online COPE Forum, Monday 11 February 2019, 4pm-5.30pm (GMT). All members are welcome to join this Forum which will be held by webinar. It follows the usual forma ...

  3. Dispute arising from peer review of a rejected comment and published correction

  4. Diversity in Peer Review: Survey Results

    Sarah Gillmore - 11th Mar 2019

    Diversity in Peer Review The theme of this year’s Peer Review Week (10-15 September 2018) was diversity and inclusion in peer review. To understand more about how the COPE community views this topic, the COPE Member Services Subcommittee launched a 3-week ...

  5. What to do if you suspect peer review manipulation

    Sarah Gillmore - 11th Mar 2019

    COPE's flowchart on what to do if you suspect peer review manipulation discovered either during or after the peer review process. What to do if you suspect peer review manipulation  (Version 1, November 2018) Back to main flowcharts page Resource typ ...

  6. Reviewer requesting addition of multiple citations of their own work

  7. Peer review guidance booklet (Latin American Spanish)

    Sarah Gillmore - 20th Nov 2018

    Peer review guidance PDF, 1.2MB (2018): Guías éticas para Revisores Pares Cómo reconocer la potencial manipulación del proceso de revisión por pares Qué considerar al ser invitado a hacer una revisión por pares de un manuscrito Return to translated resour ...

  8. In the news: October 2018 Digest

    Sarah Gillmore - 28th Nov 2018

    Journal Management This month’s topic is “journal management” and on first blush, it isn’t obvious how the concept of “ethics” applies to this topic. I thought of things like selection and implementation of a manuscript manager, paying bills, identifying ...

  9. Peer reviewer contacted by author

  10. Diversity and Inclusivity in Peer Review, COPE podcast

    Sarah Gillmore - 9th Jan 2019

    Resource type Resource Resource category Seminars and webinars 2018: Diversity in Peer Review Summary Diversity and inclusivity in peer review. Podcast with Professor Andy Hor, Hong Kong University A discussion with Charon Pierson, COPE Secretary and Andy ...