Peer review

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  1. Service evaluation as research in a controversial area of medicine

  2. Letter from the COPE co-Chairs: May 2018

    Sarah Gillmore - 14th May 2018

    Starting the conversation: Outcomes from a research integrity workshop for research institutions, editors and publishers On April 25th members of the Russell Group Integrity Forum met with members of COPE on the campus of the University of Birmingham, UK ...

  3. Citations: Link, Locate, Discover, Connect

    Sarah Gillmore - 13th Aug 2018

    Why cite? Citation is an essential aspect of scholarly writing. Reference to other literature embeds the current work in the context of existing knowledge, supporting or disputing other works, and establishing the authority of the scholarly assertion.  Re ...

  4. Inadequate reporting of a trial, despite earlier rejection from a different journal

  5. Suspect author

  6. Lack of trial registration leads to new concerns about study conduct and ethical review/approval

  7. Case of figure duplication and manipulation involving two journals