Peer review

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  1. Who ensures the integrity of the editor?

  2. Authorship dispute

  3. Ethical dilemma involving religious beliefs

  4. A member of an author group listed on a paper denies authorship

  5. Advice regarding a weird type of content and its authorship

  6. Meta-analysis: submission of unreliable findings

  7. Authorship issues from disbanded consortium

  8. Letter from the COPE co-Chairs: May 2018

    Sarah Gillmore - 20th Sep 2018

    Starting the conversation: Outcomes from a research integrity workshop for research institutions, editors and publishers On April 25th members of the Russell Group Integrity Forum met with members of COPE on the campus of the University of Birmingham, UK ...

  9. New: Spanish resources

    Sarah Gillmore - 12th Oct 2018

    COPE Resources: Spanish Spanish translations of COPE resources: flowcharts, ethical guidelines for peer reviewers, How to Spot Manipulation of the Peer Review Process, What to Consider when asked to Peer Review a Manuscript, What Constitutes Authorship? d ...

  10. In the news: September 2018 Digest

    Sarah Gillmore - 5th Oct 2018

    Peer review processes Is there a problem around diversity and inclusion in peer review? #PeerReviewWeek18 Gender and international diversity improves equity in peer review ...