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  1. Ethics approval for audit 3

  2. Consideration of publishing raw data

  3. Non-compliance of author with request for information

  4. Availability of reagents

  5. What involvement should a journal have in a dispute about an article published in the journal?

  6. Possible conflict of interest

  7. Concerns about the reliability of findings following re-analysis of a dataset from a published article

  8. Environmental scan of repositories of clinical research data: how far have we got with public disclosure of trial data?

    Cynthia Clerk - 30th Oct 2017

    There is growing interest in sharing of research data, as data sharing is expected to accelerate research and increase accountability. Sharing of data underlying published research is an increasingly important consideration for peer-reviewed journals, and ...

  9. Ethics of data publication: same or different?- Sarah Olesen, Australian National Data Service

    Cynthia Clerk - 29th Oct 2017

    Download presentation: Ethics of data publication: same or different?  [PDF,1192KB] Resource type Resource Media Download presentation:Ethics of data publication: same or different? PDF,1192KB Download 1.16 MB Resource category Seminars and webinars 2014: ...

  10. Forum discussion topic: Data Sharing

    Natalie Ridgeway - 26th Oct 2017

    The topic for discussion at the next Forum (12 February 2016, 3.00pm GMT- more details to follow shortly) is ‘Data sharing’. Data sharing is increasingly viewed as an essential step in improving research transparency and reproducibility. There has been a ...