Data falsification

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  1. Overseas editor dismissed from university for fraud

  2. Falsified references

  3. Fraudulent data presented in a manuscript

  4. Fraud or sloppiness in a submitted manuscript

  5. Sharing of Information Among Editors-in-Chief Regarding Possible Misconduct

    Cynthia Clerk - 2nd Nov 2017

    These guidelines have been issued following a COPE Discussion Forum (4 September 2013, and Discussion Document (February 2014, on the subject, and it was initiated in the wake of a number of high-pro ...

  6. Publication of data without permission

  7. Potential fabrication of data in primary studies included in a meta-analysis accepted for publication

  8. Allegations of scientific fraud and unethical conduct of experiments with attempts to silence the whistleblower

  9. Request for a retraction of a retraction

  10. Duplication of data