Consent for publication (participant)

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  1. Patient consent and non-consent

  2. False memory syndrome

  3. The careless surgeon

  4. Compromise of patient confidentiality?

  5. Publication of dead patient’s name at the request of the family

  6. Anonymous case presentations (without patient consent) on a specialist society website

  7. Difficulty in obtaining patient consent

  8. Consent from relatives for genetic tests

  9. New! Discussion document on Consent for Publishing Medical Case Reports

    Natalie Ridgeway - 29th Feb 2016

    COPE has published a new discussion document ‘COPE guidance on best practice for consent for publishing medical case reports’. This discussion document aims to lay out the principles that a consent form should generally include, and to collect examples of ...

  10. Interpretation of regulations: when is a waiver of authorisation acceptable?