Conflict of interest

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  1. Questionable ethics related to clinical trial raised by peer-reviewer

    sabinekleinert - 26th Oct 2017

    Case number:  10-34 Case text (Anonymised) You can listen to the podcast of this case from the menu on the right We received a paper describing a clinical trial comparing treatment X with treatment Y. Treatment Y is the standard treatment for the indicati ...

  2. Disagreement between a reviewer and an author

  3. Confidentiality and conflict of interest

  4. The declared and the undeclared competing interests

  5. Undeclared conflict of interest

  6. The dubious scientist

  7. The undeclared competing interest

  8. The incomplete systematic review

  9. Undeclared conflicts of interest and potential author dispute over signed letter for publication

  10. Submission of a paper by a reviewer