Ferdowsi University of Mashhad Press (FUM Press)

Earliest publishing activities in Ferdowsi University of Mashhad dates back to 1959. Later it was in 1977 that the university established it Publishing House. This marked the very beginning publications of FUM, which included first volumes of some long-establisehd journals, i.e. Publication of the School of Theology of the MASH-HAD UNIVERSITY.

Since then, FUM Press has published numerous books, textbooks, and journals. Currently, with more than hundreds of academic books and almost 50 peer-reviewed journals, FUM Press stands among the leading academic publishers in Iran.

Please, vistit (http://press.um.ac.ir/index.php?lang=en) for further details.

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  1. Water and Sustainable Development

    Professor Bijan Ghahraman
  2. Sedimentary Facies

    Professor Alireza Ashouri
  3. Research literature of French

    Dr Abolghassem Partovi
  4. Research in Political Geography

    Executive Editor: 
    Dr Mohsen Janparvar
  5. Research in Clinical Psychology and Counselings

    Professor Bahramali Ghanbari Hashemabadi
  6. New Approaches in Quran and Hadith Studies

    Prof Sayed Kazem Tabatabaei Pour
  7. Managment

    Dr Saeid Mortazavi
  8. Language and Translation Studies

    Dr Ali khazaee Farid
  9. Journal of Water and Soil

    Dr Amir Fotovat
  10. Journal of Theoretical and applied Research in Knowledge

    Dr Rahmatollah Fattahi