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  • Flowcharts

    How to spot authorship problems

    …actions for these situations. The points in this flowchart are designed to help editors be alert for inappropriate authorship and spot warning signs which may indicate problems.…
  • Flowcharts

    How to recognise potential authorship problems

    How to recognise potential authorship problems. Key points Clear policies (that allow for transparency around who contributed to the work and in what capacity) should be in place for requirements for authorship and contributorship as well as processes for managing potential disputes. …
  • Guidelines

    How to handle authorship disputes: a guide for new researchers

    authorship in a submitted manuscript flowchart How to recognise potential authorship problems infographic How to spot authorship problems infographic
  • Seminars and webinars

    Seminar 2021: Authorship for sale - how do we deal with the growing problem of paper mills?

    …href="">REGISTER  In this session, the problems of paper mills will be discussed—what we know about them, why they exist, and why they are a problem. Paper mills cause issues for publishers and journals, especially smaller journals, and a panel of four speakers will discuss what to look out for, how to deal with them, and the COPE guidance currently available. Potential future initiatives that can help tackle…
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    Final 3 flowcharts now available in Spanish

    The final three flow charts have now been translated into Spanish and are available here.   These are: Advice on how to spot authorship problems; Suspected guest, ghost or gift authorship; and What to do if you suspect a reviewer has appropriated an author’s idea or data.…
  • Flowcharts

    Ghost, guest, or gift authorship in a submitted manuscript

    COPE's guidance as a flowchart on what to do if you suspect ghost, guest, or gift authorship in a submitted manuscript. Key points Suspend peer review if suspicion is raised about authorship Related resources How to recognise potential…
  • Discussion documents


    …://">作者身份由什么构成? COPE讨论文件 Related resources Authorship and contributorship flowcharts including: changes in authorship; ghost, guest or gift authorship; how to recognise potential authorship problems
  • Event

    How to publish better content

    Developed from the medical editors' workshop (now it it's 21st year),this online course and resource is aimed at new EiCs. It covers how toattract better content, spot problems, improve peer review anddecisions, and how to make good use of the editorial board. More…
  • Seminars and webinars

    China Seminar 2017: Identifying authorship: how hard can it be?

    …Download presentation: Identifying authorship: how hard can it be? [PDF, 2,109 KB]…
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    Case discussion: gift authorship

    …as senior author.  COPE guidance on the ethics of authorship includes a COPE Discussion Document on Authorship, How to Spot Authorship Problems, and How…
  • Seminars and webinars

    ISMTE webinar 2020: Transparency in the Publishing Process

    …to Recognise Potential Manipulation of the Peer Review Process - How to Recognise Potential Authorship Problems
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    All Flowcharts

    …author – after publication Changes in authorship: Removal of author – after publication Ghost, guest, or gift authorship in a submitted manuscript How to spot authorship problems How to recognise potential authorship problems Conflicts of interest/Competing interests Undisclosed conflict of interest in a submitted manuscript…
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    Authorship issues

    In this Authorship Discussion Document we look at existing guidelines, some basic principles to help prevent common problems and particular issues that need more nuanced consideration. The discussion helps form an answer to the question, what constitutes authorship?  …
  • Case

    Redundant publication and a question of authorship

    …of the second journal received a letter from the corresponding author in August 2000 saying that the authors would like the paper withdrawn, on the grounds that “the same work has been published by my senior colleague in some other journal. ”The editor wrote back saying that withdrawal was impossible as the journal was now in print. As well as the problem of duplication there is clearly another question which…
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    Social Problems

  • COPE Member

    Soziale Probleme

  • Case

    Problem with figures

    …has noticed a potential problem with one of the figures in your paper (see below) and I'd like to get your input before deciding how to respond. “I am writing with regard of manuscript XXX recently published in XXX. These studies raise significant expectations in XXX patients, because the proposed strategy achieved unanticipated therapeutic success in a preclinical model of XXX. I am…
  • Case

    Authorship dispute regarding author order

    …having to retract the paper in what is essentially an authorship dispute. Does the journal ask for contributorship statements from the authors? This may clarify the issues around authorship. Authorship order is a common problem and the issue of who should be listed in what order differs by discipline. There can also be cultural differences as well as different practices in different…
  • Please, play a game with us!

    …Researchers and the flowchart How to Spot Authorship Problems. Jo now has some background and can help others at the university, such as the Dean who might be the person to resolve an authorship dispute, work out their part in resolving the issue with the authors and the journal. In February… The university is revising its Data Management Policy and Jo’s boss is aware of a COPE webinar…
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    Inverse Problems