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  • Seminars and webinars

    European Seminar 2017: Arts, humanities, and social sciences. What do we need from COPE?

    At the 2017 COPE European Seminar, Deborah Kahn, Publishing Director of Medicine and Open Access at Taylor & Francis presented her thoughts on what the arts, humanities and social sciences need from an organisation such as COPE. …
  • Seminars and webinars

    Seminar 2021: Ethical practice in research data publication - challenges, lessons and opportunities

    … Over the past decade, we have seen a marked increase in the publication of research data, driven by journal, funder, and institutional policies. This has brought ethical challenges specific to datasets, which can affect the journal publication related to the…
  • Event

    COPE European Seminar 2014

    …COPE European Seminar 2014
  • News

    In the News: July Digest

    …href="" target="_blank">   COPE Council members Nancy C Chescheir and Deborah Kahn    Read COPE Digest newsletter for more advice and resources to support…
  • Membership subscription fees

    …3751 to 4000 £65,838 3501 to 3750 £63,715 3251 to 3500 £61,325 3001 to 3250 £58,671 2751 to 3000 £55,751 2501 to 2750 £52,565 2251 to 2500 £49,114 2001 to 2250 £45,396 1751 to 2000…
  • Membership subscription fees

    …width:100%">Number of journals Fees per year 3751 to 4000 £68,142 3501 to 3750 £65,945 3251 to 3500 £63,471 3001 to 3250 £60,724 2751 to 3000 £57,702 2501 to 2750 £54,405 2251 to 2500…
  • Case

    Serial plagiarism by an experienced author

    …or mean to do it and (c) he was very sorry and would not do it again. Dr J had made six other submissions to our journal, all of which had been rejected on the grounds of quality. iThenticate checks on these revealed similarity indexes between 66% and 77%. Typically up to three sources had been plagiarized to contribute up to 63% of the material. A search using Google Scholar identified that…
  • News

    In the news: November 2020

    …developing relevant cases, experiences, educational materials and good practice examples. Open access Scholastica surveyed 63 individuals working with scholarly society and university publishers about journal production and access approaches and…
  • Forum discussion topics

    Bias in peer review

    …in response to the kinds of diversity seen as being important in peer review. Two of the fifteen new reply options to this question in the 2021 survey also garnered significant responses, with 67% of respondents indicating that Career Level was important and 63% indicating that Geographic Diversity was important. The importance of Expertise Areas/Specialities decreased by 27% (from 88%…
  • Seminars

    …%20issues%20in%20retractions%20version%202%20%28Oct%202012%29_final.pdf">Download presentation [PDF 100 kb]   Presentations at the 2012 European Seminar (Download PDF [63 kb] of the seminar programme) The 2012 European Seminar was held on Friday, 16 March 2012 at
  • News

    In the news: June 2018 Digest

    …-a-reproducibility-crisis-committee-found-when-it-looked-at-climate-science A survey of trainees involved in bench research showed that about 25% did not receive adequate mentoring; amobut 40% were pressured to produced positive results and about 63% that the pressure to publish influced the way data is reported.