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  • COPE code of conduct for Editors

    This report is based on the proceedings of the annual seminar held on March 11 2005, the seventh since COPE was founded in 1997. The meeting aimed to evaluate the robustness of the code of conduct for editors, and to share information on dealing with difficult cases of research misconduct. Dr Fiona Godlee, editor of the BMJ and former chair of COPE   COPE…
  • Code of Conduct

    [RETIRED] Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors

  • Code of Conduct

    [RETIRED] Code of Conduct for Journal Publishers

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    Code of Conduct for Journal Editors now available in Chinese

    The Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors has now been translated into Chinese. The Code is available to download from the COPE website
  • Background to why the Code of Conduct for Journal Editors has been replaced with the Core Practices

    …sans-serif;">A Code of Conduct was in place at COPE from 2004 until 2017. Though this and other documents were immensely valuable in guiding COPE and how editors, publishers and journals function, they were also criticised as being overly specific in some areas and not specific enough…
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    Ethical editing newsletter COPE Code of Conduct
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    UKRIO's new Code of Practice for Research

    The UK Research Integrity Office has just finalised its Code of Practice for Research, revised following the public consultation on a draft version earlier this year. COPE also commented on the draft version. This final version of the Code is being circulated to the research community. A copy  of the Code can be found on their website.…
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    Non-Coding RNA

  • Code of Conduct

    History and context of the COPE guidelines

    …of 1999 (Download PDF, 4.4 Mb). In 2004, Richard Smith, the then Chair of COPE and Editor of the BMJ, with Pritpal Tamber and Jeremy Theobald, drafted a Code of Conduct for Editors. The code built on the Guidelines for Good Publication Practice and underwent wide consultation with COPE Council and with editors…
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    Clarification of COPE advice to editors on Geopolitical intrusions on editorial decisions

    …href="">Code of Conduct for journal editors. "Editorial decisions should not be affected by the origins of the manuscript, including the nationality, ethnicity, political beliefs, race, or religion of the authors. Decisions to edit and publish should not be determined by the policies of governments or other agencies outside of the journal itself." When the Code is revised we will formally…
  • Case

    Allegations of scientific fraud and unethical conduct of experiments with attempts to silence the whistleblower

    …The allegations of fraud  A paper reported a radioisotope test for diagnosis of a speci?c,acute,neurological disease with 100% accuracy. Replication studies failed to con?rm the ?ndings and suggested that the test is positive in a…
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    Findings of a published trial called into question by a subsequent audit of trial conduct

    In 2008, our journal published a phase 2 randomised controlled trial of a new medicine. In 2011, the regulatory authority in the country where the study was performed decided to undertake routine monitoring of completed studies and this trial was selected for random inspection. The author informed the journal of the inspection and provided a translation of the report (independently verified as…
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    New Website goes live!

    …for download on each individual page and we hope you will agree that the new design is more visually appealing.  Other features include: Easier access to resources. Primary resources, such as the COPE Code of Conduct and Flowcharts can now be accessed directly from the home page. COPE information and resources specifically for editors, publishers, authors…
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    Tokyo University & Kyoto Pharmaceutical University

    …by a presentation at Kyoto Pharmaceutical University about 'Responsible conduct of research: principles, codes and practices' with an audience of researchers, professors and research integrity officers.…
  • History of COPE

    …not prove useful in the long term, and we will be delighted if it is made unnecessary because the international profession produces an adequate response to research misconduct”. By 2000, COPE had over 90 members, a constitution was drafted, and Mike Farthing was elected Chair. 2003 to 2006 - a code of conduct for editors, and authorship guidelines Fiona Godlee…
  • Case

    Lack of trial registration leads to new concerns about study conduct and ethical review/approval

    …that there are already grounds for retraction and that retraction is justified on the basis of the lack of appropriate protocol, lack of trial registration and possible lack of ethics committee approval. Hence, although ideally a formal investigation should be conducted and the editor should wait for the outcome, if the institution does not respond or if the response is unsatisfactory, the editor should retract…
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    Appointment of new COPE Ombudsman

    …by its members; appeals against COPE rulings or advice relating to complaints against COPE members for not following the COPE codes of conduct for editors and publishers; or if two or more members cannot agree on how to handle a complaint involving both their publications.…