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  • News

    New: Polish Flowcharts

    COPE's flowcharts help editors apply COPE's principles of publication ethics outlined in the Core Practices when faced with cases of suspected misconduct. We've translated the flowcharts into a number of different languages to make them accessible to more editors and are delighted to launch our 
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    Letter from the COPE co-Chairs: April 2019

    …What we’ve learned: Reflections at the end of our term as COPE Co-Chairs Image credit: CC-BY-SA-3.0-migrated Jerry We often reflect…
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    Website refresh

    We've updated the engine behind the COPE website which will help users find what they're looking for more quickly. This means greatly improved search functionality, more granular filtering, simplified navigation throughout the site and a refreshed design. This will be the first release in a series to improve the browsing experience. The decision to embark on this project was in response…
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    Letter from the COPE co-Chairs: December 2018

    …COPE, help researchers.” Our traditional members – journal editors and journal publishers – were asking COPE to reach outside its traditional membership, and to change. We’ve responded to this request. In January of 2017 we were delighted to welcome the first members of our pilot with universities and research institutions. University of Ottawa and Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, Caltech,…
  • Case


    The editor wrote to the dean of the relevant medical school enclosing the copies of the ?ve replies. A year later no reply has been forthcoming.…
  • Seminars and webinars

    Seminar 2021: Ethical practice in research data publication - challenges, lessons and opportunities

    … Over the past decade, we have seen a marked increase in the publication of research data, driven by journal, funder, and institutional policies. This has brought ethical challenges specific to datasets, which can affect the journal publication related to the…
  • COPE webinar: Understanding text recycling

    …="">they presented at COPE's European Seminar in 2019. “I've been ‘iThenticating’ all revised papers for several years now, and am continually frustrated by self-plagiarism… You’d think that researcher/authors with MDs and PhDs would be bright enough to know how to reword.” Managing editor of a medical journal
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    Vacancies on COPE Trustee Board

    …of a COPE Trustee   Chris Graf, Past co-Chair, on his time with COPE and giving back to the community: "I hope I’ve given as much to COPE and our community as I know I’ve received. It’s been more than a decade of deep learning for me, with great people. So…
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    COPE Trustee

    …Chris Graf Past co-Chair, on his time with COPE and giving back to the community: "I hope I’ve given as much to COPE and our community as I know I’ve received. It’s been more than a decade of deep learning for me, with great people. So if you’re thinking about…
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    COPE Officers 2019-2021

    …Wise, also in his first term as an Officer, is our new COPE Treasurer.       Thank you After two years as COPE co-Chairs, Chris Graf and Geri Pearson have reached the end of their term. They will remain on COPE Council, as Trustees, for one year as immediate past co-Chairs. Thanks to Geri and Chris for all they've done to lead the organisation over the past two…
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    Vacancies on COPE Council

    …Council. Having just reviewed all of COPE’s resources, I knew what a valuable supplement they were going to be for our editors, so it seemed only fair that I join as a way for us to give back.  Not only have I been able to bring our perspective and experiences in the physical sciences to COPEs discussions, I’ve contributed on the Membership and Facilitation & Integrity Subcommittees to ensuring that…
  • Case

    Problem with figures

    …the proposed strategy achieved unanticipated therapeutic success in a preclinical model of XXX. I am writing because I’ve noticed a major problem in Figure X. It appears that two of the panels (X and X), which are supposed to be representative of two different XX specimens from two different experimental groups, belong to the same tissue section (or quasi-identical serial…
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    Letter from the COPE co-Chairs: August 2018

    …author was working towards promotion or even retaining their university position. Since that early experience, I’ve learned much about publication ethics, identifying violations, and applying this knowledge to the editorial process. Editors must be vigilant and judge the citations in a manuscript by relying on their knowledge of a field to ascertain irregularities in citations, as well as depending on…
  • Seminars and webinars

    Seminar 2021: Reducing the inadvertent spread of retracted science: taxonomy considerations

    …research misconduct, including analyses on retractions. He is also a member of the Committee for Ethics and Bioethics of Italy's CNR and of the Luxembourg Agency for Research Integrity, for which he advises and investigates allegations of research misconduct. Is CrossMark star-crossed? What we've learned from trying to get publishers to do the same thing the same way
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    Letter from the COPE co-Chairs: May 2018

    …review guidelines, case discussions in quarterly COPE Forums for the last 12 months, our preprints discussion document (and that discussion continues to evolve), and on thoughts we’ve documented from our Education Subcommittee on
  • News

    In the news: April 2021

    …publish-or-perish culture, with Chinese government efforts to crack down on research misconduct noted. A blog by the American Society of Microbiology describes the problem of image manipulation, their journals' approach using COPE guidelines when a problem is detected, and barriers they've
  • Case

    Attempt to supress legitimate scientific results

    …remain anonymous unless they choose to identify themselves. In this instance I’ve been asked if we are able to learn the identity of the referees. Would you please comment on this so that I may respond appropriately?” The third email said “Since I was in touch with you earlier today, the funding agency has had feedback from the relevant government department who have offered their support with…
  • Case

    Author of rejected letter blames global bias against his message and undisclosed conflicts of interest

    …really see what the problem is.” I intended to get the author’s opinion on this but have not pursued the matter. I’ve not heard anything more from Dr C since and consider the case closed.…
  • News

    Allegations of Misconduct webinar summary, April 2019

    …out the problem.    Susan Garfinkel Q: What percentage of cases brought to the F&I Committee comes from authors vs. publishers/editors? A: Good question!  I don't think we've looked at this directly (though I'll make a note to do so!), but my intuitive answer is that our complainants are roughly an even split between…