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  • Case

    Russian scientific misconduct

    A letter was sent to an editor, claiming that scientific misconduct had taken place in Russia. The editor did not want to ignore the issue, which was not related to submitted papers and could not be published as a letter. But s/he was unsure what action to take. … This would be best pursued as an investigative news story.…
  • Flowcharts

    Italian: all flowcharts

    …This is COPE's flowcharts in Italian Other languages: Arabic | Chinese | Croatian | 
  • Case

    The author who wasn’t an author

    A paper was submitted crediting three authors. The paper was sent to one of the journal’s regular statistical reviewers without noticing that she happened to be the second author.  She wrote back to say that she had not been involved in writing the manuscript, nor had she seen this paper before. She did say, however, that she had supervised the computer input of the questionnaire data and that…
  • Case

    Redundant publication and a question of authorship

    A paper was reviewed and subsequently published in December 1999. A further publication with an almost identical title, but with different authors, was published in another journal in 2000. It is quite clear both papers relate to the same study, and apart from some minor differences in style, which were probably requested by the editorial offices, they seem to be identical. The editor of the se…
  • Event

    COPE Forum: Wednesday 22 June 2022

    …complaints about the integrity of published research. 3. New cases Cases submitted by COPE members for discussion at the Forum. 22-04 Academic freedom 22-05 Data integrity issues  22-06
  • Event

    COPE Forum: September 2022

    …/ UTC+1) 1. Update Update on COPE activities by the Chair. 2. Forum discussion topic We begin the COPE Forum with a discussion on the topic of Conference Proceedings. Read more about the Conference Proceedings discussion 3. New cases Cases…
  • Case

    Is retraction justified because of an author dispute over permission to use data?

    Author X recently published a paper in Journal Y and has asked for the paper to be retracted. The reason given is that part of the data presented in the paper was published without the permission of a colleague, who is not listed as an author of the paper (and probably does not qualify for full authorship). This colleague is now seeking to publish the data in another journal and it is implied t…
  • Case

    Alleged plagiarism

    Journal A published a review paper. About a year later, the author of a paper published in 1997 in Journal B wrote to say that he had come across the paper in Journal A during a literature search. He pointed out that parts of this paper were virtually identical with his paper in Journal B. Although the author of the article in Journal A had made one reference to his article, this was only to on…
  • Case

    Multiple failure to declare a relevant conflict of interest

    During peer review of a manuscript submitted to journal Y, one of the referees indicated a belief that at least one of the authors had not declared a relevant conflict of interest (CoI). The article indicated that the authors had no relevant CoIs. The referee provided a URL to a press release that supported the allegation. It appears that one of the authors is the discoverer of a series of comp…
  • FORUM DISCUSSION TOPIC: comments please

    …in Qualitative Research on Internet Communities. BMJ, 323 (7321), 1103-1105.Hoeyer, K., Dahlager, L. and Lynoe, N. (2005). Conflicting Notion of Research Ethics: The Mutually Challenging Traditions of Social Scientists and Medical Researchers. Social Science & Medicine, 61, 1741-1749.Katz, J. (2006) Ethical Escape Routes for Underground Ethnographers. American Ethnologist, 33 (4),…
  • Case

    Inadequate assurance of human research ethics for a questionnaire

    A questionnaire was distributed to knowledge workers in an organisation to investigate the following hypotheses: — H1.There is a positive and significant relationship between ethics and organizational performance.— H2. There is a positive and significant relationship between ethics and intellectual capital.— H3. There is a positive and significant relationship between intelle…
  • Forum discussion topics

    COPE Forum: 13 November 2017: Self-Citation: where's the line?

    A recent post on Scholarly Kitchen [1] raised some interesting points about the ethics surrounding citation, and specifically self-citation. Previously, COPE has discussed related issues surrounding self-citation by journals and editors [2] and citation of preprints [3]. During this forum, we broadened the discussion…
  • Case

    Submissions from members of the editorial board

    …You can listen to the podcast of this case from the menu on the right Our journal has decided that members of the editorial board are allowed to submit manuscripts which will undergo peer-review directed by the present or former editor-in-chief. It can be difficult, and I would like to present one example. A group of authors (including one member of the editorial board) submitte…
  • Membership subscription fees

    …£41,414 1501 to 1750 £37,167 1251 to 1500 £33,451 1001 to 1250 £29,203 751 to 1000 £24,424 501 to 750 £19,911 251 to 500 £13,805 101 to 250 £8,495 51 to 100 £4,248 26 to 50…
  • Diversity Policy

    …shows sensitivity to other people. Leading with respect and tolerance.  Encouraging all employees and volunteers to reflect this same commitment to these principles in their work.  3. Officers and Executive Staff Officers and Executive Staff are responsible for ensuring that: Discriminatory practices do not take place within COPE.
  • News

    In the news: April 2020

    …href="" target="_blank">  Wellcome commissioned a review of research culture, including literature review, qualitative interviews and surveys. This report,"What Researchers Think About the Culture they work in" explores the findings.    
  • Outcomes of editors' attempts to investigate research misconduct

    …Lasted >1 year Redundancy 33 7 3 4 48% Unethical research 16 5 4 7 25% Fraud 13 2 2 4 62% Med negligence 10 0 4 6 70%…
  • News

    In the news: December 2020

    …important. Fox asked for feedback, and the comments section is lively as well. COVID-19 Helen Kara and Su-ming Khoo edited 3 rapid response e-books about conducting research in the age of COVID-19. The contributions illustrate…
  • Common ethical and editorial dilemmas of author misconduct: how should we respond?

    …"Evidence of misconduct" "Probably no misconduct" Not applicable 1997 16 11 0 5 1998 33 30 2 1 1999 27 20 3 4 2000 32 26 6 0…
  • News

    In the news: October Digest

    …Bolland and others to investigate his work. Their findings and their pursuit of righting the published record over several years, has resulted to date in the retraction of 21 of 33 reports of Sato's clinical trials. But this is not just another report of research misconduct. Kupferschmidt illuminates the human toll on Avenell and Bolland in pursuit of the truth, collateral pain on Sato's co-author whose…