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    Welcome to new COPE Council members

    …We're also pleased to announce the re-election of three current Council Members who stood for their second term on COPE Council: Nancy Chescheir Editor-in-Chief of Obstetrics and Gynecology, US Trevor Lane Publishing and education consultant, Hong…
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    Letter from the COPE Vice-Chair: August 2020

    …href="">submit a case for discussion and get advice on how to handle it. We are also planning a peer review workshops to be held during peer review week in September.  COPE Vice-Chair
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    COPE integrity workshop 2021

    …alt="Photo of COPE Council Member, Tara Hoke" src="/files/styles/140_wide/public/council/tara_hoke_sm_smarch.jpg" style="float:left; height:122px; margin:3px; width:90px" />Tara Hoke is General Counsel for the American Society of Civil Engineers, publisher of 35 peer-reviewed journals in the subject of civil engineering research and practice. Tara is…
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    Letter from the COPE Vice-Chair: May 2020

    … COPE Vice-Chair Daniel Kulp     Read COPE's May Digest to read the latest authorship cases brought to the COPE Forum and discussed by members. Our latest Forum discussion…
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    Letter from COPE Vice-Chair: February 2020

    …virus is key to saving lives. Please stay safe, especially our colleagues in areas hit hardest. Best regards, COPE Vice-Chair Daniel Kulp