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  • News

    COPE Asia-Pacific Workshop 2018: Report

    …hour. After tea, the nine cases were then presented to and discussed further by the whole group. Taken from the COPE Forum cases archive, the cases included a mix of past problems occurring before and after publication, and covering most areas of COPE’s Core Practices. The feedback received was…
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    …in the Digest and include an upcoming workshop with the “Russell Group” and COPE members (mix of publishers and editors) to discuss research integrity and publication ethics. This is planned for April 2018 at Birmingham University, UK. A report will be produced following the workshop. COPE seminars are planned for China, Australia, North…
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    Letter from the COPE Chair: July 2021

    …equity, and inclusion, authorship, and ethics in book publishing will be tackled in a mix of webinars and workshops throughout the week. This is not to be missed and the content will be useful for everyone. Registration for the individual sessions will open soon.  COPE has been very busy as our volunteers continue to update and produce new guidance and resources. This month, the updated flowchart…
  • Case

    Possible breach of confidentiality by a reviewer

    This case regarding the conduct of a reviewer prompted mixed views from the committee. Some argued that the reviewer should be permanently removed from the journal’s list while others argued that such action was too harsh. Bearing in mind that there was no hard evidence, most agreed that the editor had acted correctly. On balance, there was general approval for the editor and his actions.…
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    In the news: January Digest

    …href="" target="_blank"> Journal Management As China announces a 5-year multi-million dollar plan to develop its STM journal publishing, the Scholarly Kitchen interviews two Chinese publishers to hear their views on this effort.
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    Diversifying editorial boards

    …selection criteria. Involve others in the decision-making, in order to mitigate any unconscious biases. Put diversity targets in place in order to hold yourself and your editorial board to account over time. Think about the gender and ethnic mix within your particular field – your board should at a minimum reflect this. Progress can be iterative and develop as board members come and go. …
  • Diversity Policy

    …to: Improve the diversity mix within the Trustee Board and COPE Council so that COPE's leadership reflects the vast diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and characteristics of our broader membership. Ensure equality of opportunity for all in all employment practises, including recruitment, development, progression, etc. Promote a culture where people from…
  • Case

    Fraud or sloppiness in a submitted manuscript

    …possibility that the author mixed up files. The figure (a horizontal, stacked bar chart) is slightly different but the numbers indicating the results, however, are identical. This figure was submitted as a different file. The main text of the second manuscript is identical to the first one except for minor updates in relation  to the numbers of subjects and study design. All four photographs…
  • Forum discussion topics

    Bias in peer review

    …due course. What do we mean by bias and diversity? Should we think more about representation? For individual papers that are being reviewed, are we getting the right mix of reviewers for that particular paper? Are we using people who are experts in this area? For example, if there is a patient population that is largely African American, are we using African American reviewers?…
  • Please, play a game with us!

    …follows the universities policies and starts to work out what to do with her colleagues. In April… After a reasonably rapid process at the university (albeit things were at times quite tense, particularly when they considered retraction), Jo and the researchers, who had managed their data carefully, realise that there has been a mix up in the figure panels, and that correction is the…
  • Case

    Who ensures the integrity of the editor?

    …recommendations were “evidencebased” and recommended a new, expensive medication as first-line treatment. The reviews of the manuscript were mixed. One reviewer made only a few comments and recommended publication. The second reviewer expressed concern about an apparent bias and suspected there had been pharmaceutical company involvement in the writing of the paper. When the manuscript was reviewed at the…
  • Case

    Paper submitted for publication without consent or knowledge of co-authors

    …erratum. On 6 December 2012, the Legal and Contracts Officer (LCO) of research centre X replied to the editor-in-chief that CA violated contractual obligations with X by submitting the article and transferring the copyright to the copyright owner of the journal. LCO seems to mix up ‘ownership of copyright’ and ‘ownership of results (data)’. So far, no reply from any of the other co-authors has been…
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    In the news: May 2020

    …that predatory journals are adapting, to "look" more like legitimate journals. The use of peer review appears to be increasing. These authors sent a previously published journal article to over 600 journals, a mix of predatory, legitimate open access and subscription-based journals. The paper was rejected by about 95% of the journals, but only about half of these were for ethical concerns. They…
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    In the news: June 2018 Digest

    …="_blank"> Research impact How should an organization (Research group? Department? Corporation? Country?) measure the impact of the research they do?  The Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences in Canada recommend  “flexible and adaptable approaches” with a broad definition of “impacts” and a “diverse mix of impact…