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  • Seminars and webinars

    Seminar 2021: Ethical practice in research data publication - challenges, lessons and opportunities

    … Over the past decade, we have seen a marked increase in the publication of research data, driven by journal, funder, and institutional policies. This has brought ethical challenges specific to datasets, which can affect the journal publication related to the…
  • News

    Survey reveals need for guidance on places to publish

    …completed by 410 respondents from all parts of the world. In-depth analysis of the findings is still ongoing but preliminary analysis points to some clear trends: ● Think. Check. Submit. is welcomed and seen to be fulfilling an important role. 14% said it was “essential” and 42% said it was “very useful”, while less than 7% of respondents said the initiative was “not very useful” or “not useful at…
  • Seminars and webinars

    European Seminar 2019: Exploring Publication Ethics Issues in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

    …language and writing quality while remaining inclusive was the most prevalent issue, with 64% encountering it and 42% of those encountering it frequently.  This reflects wider issues of diversity and inclusion in scholarly publishing. Balancing issues of language and diversity was a key discussion point in the online groups, with some editors indicating tensions between full representation of authors…
  • COPE Privacy Policy

    …Address Date of birth   1.g Complaints Procedures  When a coplaint is submitted to COPE, we collect: PRESENTER Name Email Address   2) WHY WE NEED TO COLLECT PERSONAL DATA 2.a Journals and Publisher Membership Applications We must collect personal data via the application forms as this enables us…
  • Case

    Duplicate publication in a non-English language journal

    Two authors submitted a case report which was interesting but not written in the style of the journal. The editor therefore invited the authors to rewrite the case report, and resubmit it. They did so within a week. The case report was sent out for peer review, accepted and published. The head of department of one of the authors then wrote to the journal, stating that the case report had…
  • Membership subscription fees

    …£50,833 2001 to 2250 £46,985 1751 to 2000 £42,863 1501 to 1750 £38,468 1251 to 1500 £34,622 1001 to 1250 £30,225 751 to 1000 £25,279 501 to 750 £20,608 251 to 500 £14,288 101 to…
  • Outcomes of editors' attempts to investigate research misconduct

    …/> of case reported to COPE (42 cases, 9 of which were still open). But only one case led to a formal retraction. In four cases, the enquiries concluded that there was some degree of overlap but not a deliberate attempt to deceive. A notice of duplication was published in just six cases. In most cases, the journal decided to take no public action.  
  • News

    In the news: May 2021

    …discussion can be found here. Peer review CUP has recently published an open access book “Reading Peer Review”, in which the authors analyse the database of peer review reports at PLOS One to gain…
  • News

    Case discussion: gift authorship

    …href="">The Behavior Analyst Today, Daniel Shabani et al (2004) reported that the 53 most prolific authors in the field of behaviour sciences published an average of 2.9 articles per year between 1992 and 2001; the 11 most prolific authors published 4.2 articles per year. In an analysis of medical papers published from 2008 to 2012,
  • News

    In the news: June Digest

    …target="_blank"> Among ~1000 Japanese surveyed researchers, 95% have shared their  data. 75% were motivated to do so because the discoverability of their data is considered important; 50% wanted to progress their field of research and 42% for transparency. This infographic presents further details about how data are shared.
  • News

    A vision for a more trans-inclusive publishing world: guest article

    …From a practice and implementation standpoint, this principle reduces the overall labor involved in a name change for everyone involved. 2. Comprehensiveness Name changes should remove all instances of an author's previous name from the records maintained and disseminated by the publisher. Due to the aforementioned risks of disclosure, publishers must take care to not…